State Council

The State Council is the governing body responsible for policy and direction of the Federation. It consists of two delegates of each of the five Diocesan Councils in Queensland, an independent Chair, a nominee of the Provincial Council of Bishops, and the Executive Director as an ex-officio non-voting member.

The Chair of the State Council is elected at each biennial conference for a two year term.  The two delegates from each diocese to the State Council are chosen at the Diocesan Council Annual General Meeting. The State Council also has the power to co-opt a maximum of three people.

The current State Council Members are:

 Independent Chair  Wayne Crase   
 Queensland Bishops' nominee  Russ Nelson
 Brisbane delegates Libby Parker
Susan Shay

 Cairns delegates

 Vince Musumeci
 Warren Dunn
 Townsville delegates  Anthea Lewis
 John Hathaway
 Rockhampton  delegates

 Natalie Salisbury

Emma Singleton

 Toowoomba delegates

 Daniel Jensen

Danielle Hart             

 Executive Director  Carmel Nash